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(Apr 17, 2018)
ahahaha:) i hope to see you on thursday or friday:) really miss you Princess Zas!!!!!
(Apr 14, 2018)
What do you know!? Complaining on the Internet works! ^^
(Apr 12, 2018)
Now that I'm back to health AND have the time to play my PC refuses to run the game. I HATE MY LIFE!!!
(Apr 09, 2018)
Heyo Zas! Good to hear:) Im away for a lil bit my self, hope to comeback by the end of the week^^
(Apr 06, 2018)
I'll be "definitely" be back on Monday evening. Fingers crossed! ^^
(Mar 28, 2018)
Same here damn RL ;)
(Mar 28, 2018)
this are great news :) we miss you
(Mar 28, 2018)
I'm not dead! I'll return soon.
(Feb 27, 2018)
This I can definitely work with, a good compromise
(Feb 23, 2018)
Agrее that would bе actualy frеaking cool:DDD
(Feb 06, 2018)
Have the Clan have the reputation of being lycanthropes but actually just normal men that utilize wolves in their warfare and of course shroud themselves in wolf head pelts.
(Feb 06, 2018)
I would just run it kinda like the mist-monsters or wendol from the The 13th Warrior.
(Feb 06, 2018)
I honestly like the 'werewolf' Idea.
(Feb 06, 2018)
I mean, Funcom could add Ninj Turtles into aoc, it doesnt mean that bullshit is lorefriendly:)
(Feb 06, 2018)
Werewolf do exist in AoC lore, they do not exist in REH lore:) Go to official aoc rp forums, alot of good info is there:)
(Feb 02, 2018)
Very wise choice:) werewolfs simply did not exist in REH universe^^ Wise decision:)
(Feb 01, 2018)
After hearing about how my werewolf rp has made me appear as a god-modder, I've decided to revise my clan's origins and make it simply a clan that lives and fights alongside wolves and are not werewolves.
(Jan 11, 2018)
i heard his ass was badly spanked by some pirate chick... you sure he wanted to be rescued?^^
(Jan 10, 2018)
yeah we rescued wolfsen!