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Rp Community Opened for Business!

Tavio / Mar 27, 2017
Finaly it has been done!!!
House of Jade Asp and House Merano are one:)
Any guild that willing to join our community is more then welcomed, just contact Neverlin, Tavio, Belda, Paxnox, Satetka or Soltra.

Welcome to all Jade Asp guys!:)

Community website was a dream for like 3 years, after multiple attempts it never worked. Until now!!!
The miracle has happend and Thanks to Neverlin and Satetka community got renewed, thank you for accepting our offer and merging our websites:)

Lets forget ancient grudges and missunderstanding:)

Welcome anyone interested in rp:)


Really looking forward to re-kindling old AoC friendships and building new ones! 😊
I don't like the new colours! 😡
I think there should be more pink!
Which colors u likе?.......
Looking forward to the collaboration. Thank you.
Looking forward to Wolfrunners being added in also.
Well Wolfrunners are added;p unless u talking about cross-guild rp plots?:) to get involved into those youll need to find reasons to fight us;p tones of ways. send embasies, create trading deals, steal someting, Im verry tired now, going to sleep, so my imagination is bad;p
Meet people, figureout what happening, who against who, why and how, whats going on, and use creativity to find a way how to involve your character or guild into that;p
The process is alot of fun actualy;p
That how meranos started most of our plots and epic conflicts:)
Most important, dont wait for a miracle;p Generate them your self;)

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