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Hyborian Lore

The 'Hyborians'

Hello everyone! Thank you again for rejoining me as we delve into the mighty nations and ethic groups of the Thurian continent! In this instalment we look to the 'Dreaming West' and her inhabitants...The Hyborians. ((I know each of the Hyborian su...
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Hyborian Lore

The Black Kingdom Tribesman

"Giant black men squatted in the doorways of their thatched huts, or lolled on the ground in their shade. Black women went up and down the streets with water-gourds or baskets of food on their heads. Children played or fought in the dust, laughing...
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Hyborian Lore

The Himelian Tribesman

Others pressed into the wavering circle of light—wild, ragged, bearded men, with eyes like wolves, and long blades in their fists. They did not see Yasmina, for she was hidden by Conan's massive body. But peeping from her covert, she knew icy fear...
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Hyborian Lore

Hyborian Map

A usefull map of Hyboria for a better orientation in the World
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Hyborian Lore

Questions about mitra

So, I am playing a young Priestess of Mitra, and it would appear to me everyone has a different idea about how to play it. I really want to play it correctly, so I'm opening this thread to debate it, and learn.The website I have been reading is as...
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Hyborian Lore

An introduction to the lotus.

AN INTRODUCTION TO THЕ LOTUS.*drawn from the ancient texts of Conan the RPG by Luo-Cha.Various lotus plants can be found everywhere from Khitai to Kush. They seem to grow predominately in jungle and swamp environments, though none grow in the Pict...
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