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"So you think you can beat me?! Bring it o-...". Well armored warrior and leader of nomadic raid group was standing next to his horse and remained where he was, with other zuagir nomads behind him. Out of nowhere he stopped with his meaningless threats and started shaking as if he encountered something what he cannot defeat. That's how this so called savage and "fearless" zuagir doubted himself. But why? Who caused this intimidation? What kind of creature is even strong enough to put fear into hearts of such careless and brutal savages like them. They felt as if catapult or even the largest war elephant wouldn't be enough to defeat this creature. Zuagirs were just standing there with sweat on their faces.

What...or who was standing in front of these raiders? This large, dark-skinned and muscular man with leather armor and fur around his neck observed those enemies while being calm and careless. It didn't seem that he actually cared about that whole situation, as if he was bored. He even yawned while being threatened.

"It's always same with people like you. Only fools aren't aware of their limits." Ngbaka said it in calm way. Zuagirs were even more nervous because of that. Their leader eventually found enough courage to grab his sword.

"Do you seriously believe that you can defeat me with your rusty sword?" Ngbaka gave him cold look straight into his eyes and becasue of that, he managed to make him drop his sword. Ngbaka simply walked through their group and yawned while walking away. When Ngbaka went away, raiders left their shocked leader and returned back into their nomadic horde. Raid leader screamed and his sream was obviously consisted of anger and embarassment. He was humiliated by Ngbaka and he didn't have to use any weapons.

He established camp during sunset and took down his fur and leather vest. Fortunately, he found calm place where he was able to practice his martial art. Amugoro. That's how his martial art is called. It means in common tongue "Way of the Amu". It's basically harsh and very complicated fighting style which consists of various techniques.

Ngbaka is exactly that kind of warrior who lives for fighting. Most people during their childhood wanted at some point to become strongest humans in the world, but only few people were truly patient and strong enough to get so far unlike those who gave up on this dream a long time ago.

Just like every evening he started with few punches, kicks and some acrobatic strikes to warm himself up. There has to be another reason why Ngbaka spent most of his time training. Is he trying to surpass someone? But who?! be continued...

Ngbaka Mbagarai - Martial artist, warrior and hero of Kiriwara Kingdom

- Young Ngbaka during Kwaidai (Blood Tournament)
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*Sits with popcorn to wait for chapter 2*
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