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Asekhmata hesitated as the boat rowed up to the crowded docks of Khemi. It was a rickety old thing, swaying this way and that as it reached the bustling port. I should turn back around, she worried as the hot breeze caressed her dark brown locks. I should not have returned. Holding a hand out, she motioned for a (dockman) to help her help. Grudgingly, he did, hauling her up onto the stained wood, though not without pulling her against him briefly, the better to feel what lay beneath the thin olive chemise she wore. “Gratitude,” she thanked the man with a simple nod, careful to hide her disgust yet keep her tone neutral so as to not suggest interest.

The dock was bustling with activity. Merchants collected their wares of food and goods off ships, and slavers collected their wares of flesh. I should not have returned, Asekha thought once more.

But how could she not? Everything was here, in Khemi. The answers to the mystery she longed to unravel, and him. He was here.

"And so here I am," she murmured as she raised her head and left the docks, striding deeper into the city.
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