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7 nations

1 throne

Population :

BW- 100
Pandas - 200
Ivory - 300
ASP - 500
BLR - 550
NW - 800
Merano- 900


Lets try to get the declarations done by Friday. Smaller guilds will get to go first but to speed things up Im calling for open declarations.

Announcement : Barbaric Warriors have not agreed to play per se but they now have a BK.

You need to sign up your participants here :

Most important rule : Remember 1 account for the game. No alts. You cant bring anyone not signed up. New sign ups are allowed after each guild has had a chance to attack once. (a phase). Only attack or defend with those signed up.

Territories :

ASP - stygia, Kush, darfar, black kingdoms
Hellsfury (NW) - Khitai, brachian isles, iranistan, Koth
Barbaric Warriors - Zingara, Corinthia, Vendhya, shem
Pandas- Hyperborea, hyrkania, Pathenia, Nemedia
HOM - aquilonia, Argos, Ophir, Border Kingdoms,
BLR - turan, pictish wilderness, Aesgaard, vanaheim
Ivory Tower - Cimmeria, Brythunia, Zamoria, Punt

KOA- Keshan, Zamarkaland (place next to black kingdoms), Hosala (place next to vedhya), Chalastan (also next to Vendhya), Kamuya next to Khitai. Since KOA didnt want to play if you want to claim these territories just use your attack round to take them and defeat them. This is the only siege you can bring allies to.

Expanded Rules

When you log into the game, hit the M button, pull up your map, at the bottom right, click on WORLD MAP and look at that. There are different territories on that map, Turan, Aquilonia, Kush, Byrnthem, a bunch of others, okay so every guild will get an equal amount of territories - point of the game is to be the guild with ALL the territories in the end - that is the winner.

To get territories - you need to attack the guild that holds the territory you want, BUT it has to be touching one of the territories you already own...So say NW has Turan and we want the territory to the left of Turan (not looking at map so not sure what it is - we will say it's Bumfukegypt for now) - I look at the list and say - HOJA owns Bumfukegypt - we want it - so we attack HOJA... if we win, we get it... if we lose, we don't. Easy enough...

A few rules (so far these are what I know of, and what the plan is - but remember, Satet-ka said these can be added to, removed, etc based on feedback, insight, and suggestions from the players)

1. No outsiders - it will be guild vs. guild - so if NW attacks HOJA - only NW can attack and only HOJA can defend

2. NO CHEATS - if someone is cheating and caught - they will not be allowed to participate in the remainder of the tournament. This include using alts that arent signed up. Zone crashing will result in a redo. If someone continually crashes their zone to stay alive they may be disqualified.

3. There will be violations for cheats, and bringing cheaters - you may lose an attack that round. you might lose some of the prize money. like 20 dollar deduction.

4. If you have no territories for a whole cycle, you are out of the game. if HOJA takes NW's last territory and NWs havent gone they can still get back into the game by attacking any territory that was adjacent to that last territory before it fell. If they have already gone that round then they are done.

5. Allies (this is where the Survivor part comes on) We will not be allowed to BRING any allies to the defense or the attack - however we can still play the strategy game with other *houses* (or tribes, or packs, etc :D) So like - if we want to gang up on Rascal's Nest - we can go to Ivory and say, hey, Chill- do you want to get rid of these guys? I'll attack Rascal's tomorrow, when I win, I will take their territory (we will call this one nowhereland) so, when we win, we will take territory nowhereland, when you win, take their territory (we will call that one peanuts), and then we can say - HEY - they only have ONE territory left, let's go to HOJA and see if they are on board with getting rid of them - so we can go to Sat and say - after we go and win, you attack and take their last territory (we will call that one fruitcake)....then BOOM! Rascal's has no territories left and they are out of the game.

6. Participants - a set list of people who are allowed to come - the leaders need to draw up a list of who would come - both guilds would have access to the list and can cross check.... For instance - if I attack HOJA and have 30 people on my list - and say Nephia says, hey I want to come - well he's not on the list - so Sat can say - HEY, he's not on the approved list - so he has to leave (or be kicked) . This would be a great way to avoid people from having alts in many guilds because they are only allowed to fight for ONE house (tribe, pack, etc) - so like Brewho has characters in NW and one in HOJA - he CAN'T support us both, he has to pick ONE to support - so let's say if he brings Kojinn when we attack BLR, then tries to attack HOM when HOJA attacks them with his HOJA char - I can say - hey, no - that's an alt of Brew - and he's already declared for House Hell's Fury - then he CAN'T go when HOJA attacks or defends. (I'm not sure about the list thing - but I do like the fact the same person can't attack and/or defend in more than one guild).

recommendation : Try to focus on having fun and not overly focused on winning. If we all enjoy it we can do it again.

100 dollar grand prize :

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