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*drawn from the ancient texts of Conan the RPG by Luo-Cha.

Various lotus plants can be found everywhere from Khitai to Kush. They seem to grow predominately in jungle and swamp environments, though none grow in the Pictish Wilderness. Even among scholar, there is some confusion to the nomenclature of the various types of lotus plant and the various preparations that can be made from them. The following system of classification is intended to be simple and comprehensive; it includes all the various lotus plants and preparations in the Conan stories.

Black Lotus: The most versatile and infamous of all the lotus plants is the black lotus. It is used by the denizens of the lost city of Xuthal, among other places, to make a variety of preparations and grows extensively in the jungles around the Zarkheba River. It seems very likely that it also grows elsewhere in the Black Kingdoms, though probably nowhere so lushly as around that black-watered river. The plant itself is actively malevolent and semi-mobile, stooping to waft its poisonous perfume at anyone nearby. Those who can get close enough to harvest it without being overcome by its dread fumes can find a variety of uses for it, including the deadly poison Black Lotus Juice, the incense-like drug Black Lotus Powder, and the potent wine known as Black Lotus Wine. The fresh-cut flowers are known to retain their hallucinogenic scent and particularly potent in their narcotic effects.

Golden Lotus: This lotus plant is something of a mystery. Its extract, Golden Lotus Juice is found in the Zamboula and is perhaps the most beneficial of the various lotus preparations. However, if the plant itself is related to the other lotus plants then it must grow in a swamp or jungle, of which there are few near the steppes and deserts around Zamboula. It seems likely that is another Khitan export, since Zamboula is on the main caravan route that extends from Khitai to Stygia. This would account for its relative rarity, as otherwise it seems odd that such a useful plant cannot be found more commonly in the Hyborian kingdoms. Alternatively, it is certainly possible that the golden lotus is related to the white and black lotuses and so grows in Kush and the other Black Kingdoms. It could even be a swamp plant from southern Stygia, the purple lotus. If it does indeed grow in Kush or Stygia, it must be scarce indeed, for it is highly prized.

Green Lotus: One of the two varieties of lotus found as far east as Khitai, the green lotus in its natural form is almost black in color and so is sometimes called black lotus by the ignorant. Green lotus blossoms are cut from the lost jungles of Khitai by the priests of Yun, who dry the great flowers out and powder them into a fine dust for export by caravan to Stygia. This dust is known as Green Lotus Dust and is one of the deadliest poisons known to man.

Grey Lotus: Perhaps related to the green lotus, the grey lotus is also found close to Khitai but in the Swamps of the Dead beyond that mystical land. Its blossoms are cut, dried and powdered, then exported as far as Corinthia and perhaps elsewhere. Grey Lotus Powder sends any who breathe its dust immediately and murderously insane.

Purple Lotus: Found only in the ghost-haunted swamps of Stygia, the purple lotus has only one known use. The juice is extracted from all parts of the plant forms a powerful paralytic poison, known as Purple Lotus Juice.

White Lotus: The white lotus tree is larger than the other plants and is surprisingly benign or at least harmless. It grows in Keshan and elsewhere in the northern Black Kingdoms but nowhere else. There are no particularly powerful uses known for the plant, though it is possible that it may have properties only brought out by combining it in another herbal preparation. Experimentation is the only way to find out for sure.

Yellow Lotus: The yellow lotus closely resembles the black lotus in its effects but is a far less potent plant. It secretes Yellow Lotus Resin but has no other particular useful properties. It seems likely that it, like the black lotus, grows somewhere in the northern Black Kingdoms thought it is used by sorcerers from around the world.


Drugs, Poisons and Herbal Preparations: *to be noted the information on other types of poisons and the like has been left out of the transcribed scrolls give to Lialilu by Luo-cha. Suffice it say the deadly daughter of the Rakshasa has an extensive knowledge of how to deal death over her many long years of life. She has transcribed the knowledge of them but not the secrets on how to properly prepare any of the uses of the lotus.

Black Lotus Blossom: While the flowers of the black lotus give off a heady scent that causes dream-haunted slumber the sleep can be useful, for the dreams that result are often prophetic or otherwise informative in nature.

Black Lotus Juice: This is a deadly poison, plain and simple. It immediately brings a man to his knees, weak as a kitten, and finishes him off soon after.

Black Lotus Powder: This incense-like stuff is normally burnt to provide dreamy, opium-like effects which can either boost a sorcerer’s power or allow rapid recovery from major sorcerous effects, at the cost of a distinct lack of function for a day. One tends to be completely helpless as they alternate between an unconscious stupor and wild waking dreams.

Black Lotus Wine: Also known as lotus juice this is a wine-like drink that is drunk for pleasure. It is a mixture of various extracts from the black lotus, steeped in a sizeable quantity of strong wine. The quantities used in the recipe are a closely guarded secret, for if the balance is wrong, the drinker may be made permanently insane or even killed by the lotus juices. When it is made correctly, lotus wine will render the drinker unconscious through alcohol poisoning before the quantity of lotus used kills them. The general effects are similar to those of burning black lotus powder, except the wine offers no particular benefit to sorcerers – only hallucinations and drunkenness to dull the senses of the jaded.

Golden Lotus Juice: This golden liquid is extremely scarce and valuable, for it provides instantaneous relief from all herbal and alchemical effects, including the slumber, paralysis or madness that may be caused by some of the other lotus varieties.

Green Lotus Dust: This is often called black lotus, though it is not the same plant as the true black lotus of Xuthal and the Zarkheba River. The green lotus blossom is a greenish-yellow powder that kills when inhaled. It grows only in the jungles of Khitai but is sometimes exported in small quantities to Stygia by caravan.

Grey Lotus Dust: Any who breathe in this dust and have not the inner will to resist its effects enter into a berserk fury and will attack the nearest living creatures.

Purple Lotus Juice: One of the most powerful paralytic poisons known, capable of felling even the mighty Conan.

Yellow Lotus Resin: This is something like a poor man’s black lotus powder, a dark yellowish-brown resin scrapped from the leaves and flowers of the yellow lotus. This is primarily used by sorcerers for its strong hallucinogenic effect to provide visions and trances. The effects last several hours.

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First of all I'm glad someone wrote this, I planned on adding it at some point since lotus is a sorceror's best friend (Look back to Akhmenukep's many feats involving lotus in some form or fashion in RP) so thank you for adding this so much..great job...and the background for the locations is also useful it adds more immersion and gives a basic idea of how hard it is to find proper ingredients...thumbs up 😁👍
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