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(Here is a thread for everyone to put their RP stories based on the recent PVP Siege.)
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...Lord Tavio Merano; Senchal of Poitain, had asked Nephthi to join his forces in their attempt to take Messantia. As her body re-formed from the swirling cloud of black sand...out of general sight, her curiosity as to the why for his request continued to nag at her. She had always ( had her master Akhmenukep) maintained the guise of a mere advisor, THIS had the appearance of something all together different...

(Nephthi re-forming from the black sands)

...Tavio's forces had gathered en-mass before the gates of Messantia, the siege engines had already been constructed and awaited the order to begin their assault on the city walls. Odd glances and hushed talking came from the assembled warriors and mercenaries as she walked among them toward Lord Merano's position, marked by the gathering of his personal guard. She could sense the fear that her presence caused in some of those "in the know" among the allies of Merano. She approached Tavio with a respectful bow as usual...

" have summoned me, and I have come my lord."

...Tavio leaned on the broad table on which a map of the city and surrounding countryside was spread out. At the Senchal's side was his Eldest daughter Merynia to who he was laying out exactly where she and her Blackguard would be attacking from. At Merynia's side was Akhphira; her lover and a pyromancer of growing skill since being brought back from the void of death by Nephthi. The darkhaird woman looked up from the map offering a brief smile and nod to the immortal creature who returned it in kind...

(Merynia Merano)


...bowing to her father, Merynia and Akhiphira departed the command tent leaving Nephthi...her hands folded together at her waist, alone with Tavio...

"You've arrived Nephi good, here is what I need you to do..."

...Nepthi mused at the Senchal's constant butchering of her name, but approached Tavio with a curious glance at the map he was pointing to...

"...they will have archers all along the walls here, here, and here."

"...great lord, what do the positions of enemy bowmen have to do with me?"

...Tavio turned his face toward Nephthi, it bore a grim look...

"I've heard they have a sorcerer aiding them, I need magic to fight magic...and since Akhmen isn't here, I need you to deal with it."

...with a slight bow of her head the monster called Nephthi-Amun acknowledged his comment...

"...I will do what I can Lord of Merano."

"Find them and eliminate them Nephi...dismissed."

...still Nephthi wondered how much Tavio Merano knew about what she was, and if he knew too much there was only one that could have told him anything...someone tucked safely away in Banigash. She pushed the thought from her mind for now, she had prey to hunt and kill...
"Strength, Honor, Duty, Loyalty to King and kin."

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"...Laws are Silent in Times of War..."

#13308372 Jun 19, 2017 at 03:12 PM
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Grеat story Nephi!!!!! I hope more people are going to write about their IC expirience at the siege:D

"Magic in modern games is mediocre, fair, sterile predictable, and sadly generic. Exactly all the qualities that MAGIC should never possess."
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-Fury of the Sea Wolf, Lygertha-

(A Moonless Night Off The Coast Of Messantia)

...from the darkness in the rigging the lookout called below...


...Lygertha looked up at Rorin as he slid down the ropes...

"How many?"

...Rorin dropped to the deck, his face grim...

"...a lot, a full picket fleet at the harbor mouth."

...Lygertha calculated that Messantia would be expecting an attack by land; House Merano was not known for its naval power, and would have grown fat and arrogant in its own power over the years since Conan took the throne of Aquilonia...

...she slapped Rorin on the shoulder with a grin...

"How are they moored?"

"There are several on the move, but the bulk are anchored close together at the mouth of the harbor."

...a predatory smile set on the Aesir's face...

"Ready the fireships..."*

...she stripped her heavy plated hauberk off letting it fall to the deck, she now stood wearing only the light mail shirt beneath...

"...I'll lead them in myself...pass the word, when we hit the anchored ships split and attack."

...her men; both Nordheim and a variety of Pirates scrambled onto the boats tied to both port and starboard rails of the Aquiilonian sloop "thalassopoúli" <sea bird> and were soon away to others ship in the small attack fleet... either side of her ship sat two other sloops type ships that had been designated for duty as "fireships". It would seems the gods favored her action, the wind began to shift blowing diagonally on her left shoulder...this wind would work well for giving her attack speed while denying the anchored ships maneuverability. With a wave to the men manning the other ships laden with pitch tar and other highly combustible materials all three raised sail in unison and set a direct course toward their targets...her path lay straight into the middle of the anchored ships, the others would swing in from port and starboard cutting off any ships that might see them before it was too late...

...the plan had worked perfectly, gambling on the moonless night and pre-dawn attack had hidden the small fleet well, and made it impossible to see the three fireships until she gave the signal for all three to go up in a sudden blaze of bright flames. Shouts rose from the watches of the moored Messantian ships, shouts the turned into cries of terror as one of the most horrific things possible aboard ship came at them from three directions...FIRE! the last moment Lygertha and the sailors from the other ships dove over the rails into the relative safety of the Argosean sea and began swimming toward her personal longship. Loking back she watched the three ships explode showering the formation with searing and burning pitch tar, even from here she could hear the screams of men burning alive as they threw themselves into the water desperately trying to quench the flames that seared their flesh. She was hauled aboard by the strong hands of Ugbjom...

"You know that you're one crazy Aesir woman right?"

..she gave the Vanir outcast a smile as he wrapped a warm cloak around her shoulders...

"You wouldn't have me any other way...the gods favor bold action. how goes the second prong of the attack?"

...Ugbjom let out a hearty laugh pulling Lygertha to him and holding her tight...

"Aye, thats true lass and the ships that weren't over-run have turned tail and fled...a victory I'd say."

"A victory...for now we've cut the harbor off, those ships out there will head for the nearest friendly port to call for reinforcements and gather the main fleet...BUT, Tavio has his chance to attack the city without anyone at his back from the sea for now."

...Rorin rushed up, his face bright with cheer...

"Orders Captain?"

...Lygertha considered for a few moments before answering...

"Move the fleet out to sea, we need room to maneuver if we're going to cover Tavio's back from a waterborne attack by making them chase us, have the men ready and post lookouts throughout the day. Ready the men to board and loot whatever we can from those ships...Merano is going to need every copper they can get and these pirates with us aren't here out of charity."

...Rorin nodded his head to the White Wolf, his Captain and set about shouting her orders out to the crew...

*- A fire ship or fireship, used in the days of wooden rowed or sailing ships, was a ship filled with combustibles, deliberately set on fire and steered (or, where possible, allowed to drift) into an enemy fleet, in order to destroy ships, or to create panic and make the enemy break formation.
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"...Laws are Silent in Times of War..."

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-An Unusual Request-

...the messenger boy arrived handing Nephthi-Amun a message from Lord Tavio with a shaking hand...


...the immortal creature took the message, her eyes showing something akin to human-like surprise and disbelief a look that quickly vanished under the creatures bearing...

"...tell lord tavio that I will attend to his request immediately."

...Nephthi scoured her tomes for the method that would achieve Tavio's wishes leaving little chance for the ruse to be detected. After hours of searching she found what she desired...

الموجة الخخي للتغيير
<Khekhii's Elixir of Transformation>

...she continued reading the ancient text taking note of the ingredients required...

3 rose petals from an adulteress' grave
1 wing of a butterfly that has tasted the breath of a dying man
4 pieces of hair of the person who's form will be taken
1 pinch of a pious man's powdered bones
1 Tree branch where a girl child was hung
2 unhatched giant spider eggs
1 measure of blood drained from a liar's tongue

...the words of power to be chanted as the elixir is brewed were to be...

<...the god and goddess of the places between earth and heaven make the drinker of this elixir be...then speak the name of who's form the drinker would take...>

...the immortal creature began her work, gathering what was needed and preparing the alchemical apparatus to distill the potent philter. She watched the apparatus begin slowly mixing the ingredients in the proper measure as she chanted the words over and over...

"...'iilah 'iilhat al'amakin bayn al'ard walsama' jaeal sharib hdha 'iiksir yakun Belda Merano..."

<...the god and goddess of the places between earth and heaven make the drinker of this elixir be Belda Merano...>

...he sun rose and set four times as Nephthi attended the repetitively moving device, in the end two single doses of the elixir has been to be tested and the other delivered to its purpose...

"...come from the shadows my loyal servant."

...out of the darkness, Ahkorahil of the Nine glided to his mistress awaiting her commands...

"...send one of the hopefuls, a me at once."

...the wraith-like being bowed before vanishing into the darkness once again. Soon the sounds of a young man's footsteps drew near...

"Yes mistress?"

...Nephthi turned to the young handsome man, holding a dose of the elixir out to him...

"...I need you to serve me, a leap of faith if you will."

...the young man fell to one knee...

"I am yours, bound to your will my 'amira."

...he rose taking the small vessel from her, swallowing it down without hesitation. After a few moments he was writhing on the floor, screaming in agony as his form began to shift and contort. Nephthi watched with clinical interest as the young man;s limbs and body took on the definite proportions of a woman...

...after the screaming had stopped on the floor lay a perfect simulacrum of Belda Merano, albeit wearing the clothes of the young man that so willingly drank the concoction she had offered him...

...once again she had given Lord Tavio the tool he needed for his scheme, perhaps he would finally begin to appreciate her efforts on behalf of Akhmenukep...

...she crouched down to the woman that had once been a man, tracing a finger across her sweat soaked brow...

", what to do with you hmm?"

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"...Laws are Silent in Times of War..."

#13312472 Jun 22, 2017 at 12:21 AM
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TY Nephi:D

"Magic in modern games is mediocre, fair, sterile predictable, and sadly generic. Exactly all the qualities that MAGIC should never possess."
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*Princess Zatrana stand befor a window and let resume the recent Events she speaks with herself in frontof the window*

Well well well sister ask for something the duchess of Messantia she Need some Food for her City so i have done what i can in that short time.

I could persuate a nice Merchant to Change his Direktion now a few dozens of carloads of finest wine and fish are on the way to Messantia. Also a few dozens of carloads of different sorts of meat bread and cheese. This merchant was not so easy to persuate he dad enough Money himself so Money dont interrest him to much. But as his Caravan was attacked from bandits that sure was only a coincidence *smirks* and his ass was rescued from my warriors he agree to Change his direction to Messantia.
The merchants have more items to trade and the Food is paied so the City should have enough for the next time. *sighs with a smile*

I have a ´wonderful view over the City Old Tarantia from my Villa here.
*some steps are to hear* Mistress your tea. *a slave kneel befor zat with wonderful brown hair and green eyes she hold a Cup of tea to her Mistress and wait. Test it my dear. *i smile supreme and sublime to her*

As you wish Mistress. *she take a sip of the tea and open her mouth so that zat can see it. Then give the tea to zat*

*Zat look to the window and think further* You can go slave and pepare a bath. *The slave smiles to her* Your wish is my command.
Your colored text here...
Mhh a ecxelent Tea.
I also arranged a strong Guard a few hunded just to make sure the deliverys reach ther destynation the City Messantia. And one Special delivery a big bag with a few houndred cakes and bisquits choclate ones with fruit pieces and a fine note of chilli. *loughs happy* The duchess will love it.

*a voice apears from a ugly dirty warrior with scars and not really manners* Prinzess your warriors killed my gang our deal was your men kill some of my men the worthles ones. NOT DAMN ALL OF THEM.
It was your plan that i attack this Caravan and you sent your men to rescue the merchant. Now i have no men i want no i demant a better paiment two more chest of gold princess.

*Zat turn to him with a smile and place the tea on a small table* Oh sure you get what you deserve. Here as a gift. *Throw a gold bag to him*

*The eyes of the bandid leader glows in greed and try to catch the Gold bag* *Zat throw a Little Moment later a strong lightning bold to the distracted bandid leader and toast him to death*

*Zat look with a evil innocent smile to the dead bandid leader* Well we all get what we deserve you sent your men in a death trap only for Gold there is no honor in it no good reason no real noble sense.

*The Slave Comes back kneels befor her and ignore the dead bandid* Mistress your bath is ready.

*Zat miles* Excelent slave ohh and get the trash out then come to me in the bath i Need a massage.

*The slave smiles* It is my pleasure to serve Mistress.

And you do it well slave.
*with this words and a smile Zat left and go to the bath* I am courious what the duchess my Little sister will think of the Food and the personal Cookie and bisquit bag.

#13318436 Jun 25, 2017 at 05:54 PM
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Very nice story and a wonderful picture :) Is it the slave? And your sister has to be happy about this delicious food :)

Well done :)
#13319276 Jun 26, 2017 at 08:00 AM
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Thx Akraba and yes ist a Picture of the slave. Oh and i think viri will be more happy with her bisquits and cackes. *smircks* She love hers with a spicy note.

#13319401 Jun 26, 2017 at 09:23 AM
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oh yes all the sweet stuff... sadly i again not allowed eat chocolate , and this now for 1 week more...
but thank you zatrana ;)

Realy nice storries, Nephi, Flower and Zatrana :)
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...the alchemical device slowly moved along in its task of brewing a counter agent to the elixir of transformation Nephthi-Amun had created for lord tavio's plan. She watch each movement taking note of the sounds that emanated from the device...

...she chanted the proper words as described in the texts she had discovered...

"...'iilah 'iilhat al'amakin bayn al'ard walsama' jaeal sharib hdha 'iiksir yakun Dmitrias..."

<...the god and goddess of the places between earth and heaven make the drinker of this elixir be Dmitrias...>

...several hours later two small doses of the elixir had been produced, Nephthi called out into the room's darkness...

" ...bring me the the young man from the last test." a few moments one of "The Nine" escorted the young boy who was now Belda Merano, he stood before her...


...the immortal creature offered one of the doses to him...

"...I offer you the chance to return at least to being a man, but...I also offer you the opportunity to be a part of a greater plan I have in mind."

...the young woman, once a young man reached for the vial of shimmering liquid then hesitated before falling to her knees and bowing her head as she crossed her arms across her ample chest...

"I am your servant."

...Nephthi placed a hand on the top of the girl's head, stroking her hair gently...

"...excellent, I will see that your loyalty is richly rewarded."

...her eyes turned to the Deathguard standing silently nearby...

"...take this most dedicated child to suitable chambers of the utmost comfort and have the priest Setath attend to her mind."

...the Deathguard bowed its head and ushered the girl out of the chamber. Nephthi held the two doses of elixir up, a brief look of satisfaction touching her face...

"...we shall see how fate plays out now."

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#13319930 Jun 26, 2017 at 02:43 PM
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Why all want to serve conan *sighs* ;) But interresting Storys also with the Elixier. Thump up.

#13321201 Jun 27, 2017 at 08:52 AM · Edited 9 months ago
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#13319930 Zatrana wrote:

Why all want to serve conan *sighs* ;) But interresting Storys also with the Elixier. Thump up.

Very simple Zat, we're Meranos..a noble house of Aquilonia and (in some cases) Aquilonians...hes our King its natural to serve him.
"Strength, Honor, Duty, Loyalty to King and kin."

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"...Laws are Silent in Times of War..."

#13321229 Jun 27, 2017 at 09:12 AM
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Oh the sighs was ironic sure i know that. But for Zat he is still a babarian. Well a babarian with some potential not every babarian end up as a king. :)

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