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-The Bargain-

Part 2

"The Need"

...Merynia Merano followed the mysterious Nephthi through the halls of Nephuhaptra, she was unsure if her ears deceived her or that there were whispers that seemed to come from all around her...

"Those noises..."

...Nephthi continued walking at the same speed each step graceful and flowing into the next...

"...this place is a nexus, a point in mortal reality between what you call the Eternal Gardens and your idea of the Hells meet."

...they entered a chamber that was lavishly decorated, the smell of jasmine coming from several incense burners that slowly wafted their scented smoke into the air. The floor was covered by a number of rich carpets, large, comfortable pillows surrounded a low table where fruits, fine wines and other delicacies had been placed in offering for guests...

"...come, sit, let us talk of what you wish of me."

...Nephthi poured then both a glass of wine offering one to the Aquilonian woman...

"...poitain red, a personal favorite of mine."

...Meryn took a sip of the fine wine...

"Can you return someone I love to me?"

...the high-priestess took a delicate sip of her wine before answering...

"...that would depend on a number of things my child."

"Such as?"

...Nephthi smiled at Meryn, not a warm or conforting smile...but the smile of someone that knew something of value...

"...first i would know WHY you want her back hmm?"

"I love her."

...Nephthi near scoffed at the remark...

" her, thats all...just because you love her?"

...Meryn's heart sank low, to a point that she had not felt since she crawled out of the pile of dead to see Akhiphira crucified...

"...not a single day goes by that I stop thinking about my love, a part of me died with her...I'm empty inside no matter what I do."

...Nephthi smiled once again...

"...much better my child, and how far would you go to have her back?"

"As far as I had to."

...Meryn made the last point perfectly clear...

"...excellent, and what price do you place on your love?"

...Meryn looked directly into the immortal's eyes...

"There is nothing I have to give you to match her value to me."

...Nephthi drew close to Meryn's face with a speed that took her by surprise...

"...there IS one thing you can give me as fair compensation."

...without hesitation of fear in her voice the warrioress replied...

"Its yours."


...Nephthi-Amun breathed out, faint tendrils of black dust writhed between the two women disappearing as Meryn breathed them in...

"...what was that?"

"...just sealing our agreement child, it will not harm you."

...Nephthi drew back from her guest...

"...go to Banigash, you will be the guest of Prince Khum until I send for you with Nine will see you safely to within his protection."

...Meryn drained her glass and silently rose offering Nephthi a nod of the head before deaparting. Nephthi drained her own glass, a rare look of satisfaction setting on her lips as she talked to herself...

" much like him, yet so different...there is hope yet for them..."
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part 3

-The Bargain-


...Nephthi-Amun looked at the sarcophagus that had imprisoned her for centuries; suspended by chains and winches' above the pool of dark waters that she called the "gateway". Rather than being an object of fear or painful memories, it had become a powerful artifact containing some essence of lingering power from The Black Sands of Ahmanet that had preserved her in death and given her immortality...

...her "Nine" had recovered the corpse of Akhiphira and delivered it to their mistress, it was now "reposing" within the suspended dark metal sarcophagus after being anointed with sacred oils and prepared with herbs, ancient potions, and ritual chants for several days prior...the high-priestess of Nephtys [*] had spent days in meditation and prayer to her goddess, seeking her favor in her efforts...

...deep within the lower halls of Nephuhaptra Nephthi-Amun; naked exposing the sacred glyphs that covered her flesh, held the Talon of Nephtys as she crooned the ritual incantations and breathed in the smoke of the sacred incense...

...around the dark pool copper braziers burned casting the chamber in an eerie flickering orange-yellow light, the shadows cast by eight of The Nine who stood silent and still around the pools perimeter appeared to dance and gyrate to the meter of Nephthi's incantations...

"...Nephthys 'iilhat almawtaa tasmah 'arwah almawtaa liati li...haris jmye alladhin dhaqat almawt, lisalih balnsbt li fi muhmmati..."

<...goddess of the dead allow the spirits of the dead to come to me...the keeper of all who have tasted death, favor for me in my task...>

...the waters of the pool; once still and calm, began to churn, seethe, and froth as a faint tendrils of mist rose from its surface giving it the appearance of boiling as they reached up toward the suspended sarcophagus and the corpse within as Nephthi continued to croon the dirge like spell...

"...shukraan lika, Nephtys, lilssamah lilmawt samae mkalmty. 'ashkurukum ealaa aindimam li fi juhudi alrruhiat min 'uwlayik aldhyn dhaqat alfakihat almarirat mmin almawt..."

<...Thank you, Nephtys , for letting the dead hear my call. Thank you for joining me in my efforts spirits of those who have tasted the bitter fruit of death...>

...on cue, one of the present Nine turned a large crank-wheel lowering the elaborate coffin into the roiling waters, completely immersing it below the effervescent surface the mournful crooning went on...

"...wali Nephtys min alqatlaa Usiruad majstyr fi alhayat etrnal، 'ana aism Akhiphira alqatlaa alty 'aseaa، Akhiphira kunt alqatlaa alty 'usea. Akhiphira ruh almutawafa, yumkinuk alan yaqtarib hdha sudfatan farighatan wal'ijabt haqqana yadeu li bmbarkt min Usiriad wNephtys. tansha, 'ana almswwl, wanadeu lakum..."

<Nephtys guardian of the dead, Usiruad master of etrnal life, i name Akhiphira the dead which i seek, Akhiphira you are the dead that i seek. Spirit of Akhiphira, deceased, you may now approach this empty shell and answer truly to my calling with the blessings of Usiriad and Nephtys . Arise, i charge and call you...>

...the water roiled and churned like a geyser at the verge of gushing upward, a strange light swirled around the sarcophagus, filling the room with an odd combination of orange-yellow and bluish light as the visible eight of "The Nine added their mournful wailing voices to that of their mistress as she chanted...

"...tati 'iilaa maebad alllahm...eawdatan...eawdatan..."

"...tati 'iilaa maebad alllahm...eawdatan...eawdatan..."

"...tati 'iilaa maebad alllahm...eawdatan...eawdatan..."

"...tati 'iilaa maebad alllahm...eawdatan...eawdatan..."

<...come to the temple of flesh...return...return...>

...the air was filled with an other-worldly shriek as the waters settled once again to their previous "dead-calm" state glowing with a soft blue-green light. Nephthi gestured slightly to the shadows behind her, never taking her eyes from the pulsing pool of light. The greatest and most powerful of her Deathguard; Adynaph, entered the chamber dragging the well dressed Nemedian man behind her who spat a stream of curses...

" filthy southern children of snake whores, you will pay for this!"

...Adynaph dropped the howling Nemedian at her mistress' feet and joined the other Deathguard around the pool chanting...

"...tati 'iilaa maebad alllahm...eawdatan...eawdatan..."

..the Nemedian rose to his feet full of bluster and arrogance as he confronted Nephthi...


...his words choked off with surprise as Nephthi clutched his clothing lifting him from the floor with a strength that her size and build would not suggest as she turned holding the over weight man his feet dangling above the pulsing waters of the pool, the Talon of Nephtys ready to strike...

" are here for one reason alone Tulero..."

...Tulero kicked his feet desperately, his hands trying to pry the iron grip on his throat...

" pay for the life you took, one soul for another."

...with a precise and swift motion the ceremonial blade slashed through the man's throat so cleanly that there was no pain, just the sensation of his throat filling with his own blood that fountained out of his mouth spattering Nephthi's face as she released her grip dropping him into the pool begining to chant once again...

"...tati 'iilaa maebad alllahm...eawdatan...eawdatan..."

"...tati 'iilaa maebad alllahm...eawdatan...eawdatan..."

...Tulero reached his hand toward the dispassionate faced Nephthi, not seeing the watery hands that rose behind him. He let out a gurgled scream as they clutched at him dragging him into the depths of the waters and into oblivion. The glow of the water seemed to seep into the submerged sarcophagus. Nephthi signaled to one of the Nine with a nod, the chains supporting the coffin jingled as it rose from the waters to be suspended in the air...

...the metal sarcophagus was lowered to the chamber floor, Nephthi released the locks keeping whatever was contained within it from getting out. Lifting the lid from the coffin she peered at the naked and shivering form of Akhiphira...restored and alive once again. Nephthi whispered to her god and goddess...

" master Usiriad and mistress Nephtys I thank you for your favor this day."

...she gently lifted the shivering and confused Akhiphira from the Sarcophagus and carried her out of the chamber, speaking to the greatest of her Nine...

"...send word to Banigash, tell the Merano girl that her beloved walks among the living again and that she will be ready for a reunion when she arrives."

[*] Nephtys - In the Usiriad mythos, she is "Mistress of the Master's House", and said to be a guardian and keeper of the dead as well as the overseer of the gateway between life and death.

[1] Tulero, the Nemedian warlord that defeated Akhiphira and her army.

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-The Bargain-

Part 4


...when Meryn arrived outside the massive bronze doors of Nephuhaptra her heart beat rapidly, closing her eyes she thought back to how words of what had transpired reached her. she could still see the figure of Prince Khum-Banigash sitting on his throne sipping wine when she arrived to the summons...

"Word has come that your loved one has been returned and is under the Princess Nepthi-Amun's care, you may depart immediately if you would like."

...remembering something about the manners of court she bowed slightly to the gigantic prince...

"Your hospitality has been gracious, you are truly generous and kind great prince."

...the smile from Khum-Banigash was the only confirmation she needed, Meryn quickly backed and turned on her heels exiting his throne room...

...the sound of the massive doors creaking and groaning open, shook her from the momentary daydream. The Nine moved out of the darkness, forming on either side of the stairs. The leader of the Deathguard gestured to Merynia...


...Meryn followed the Deathguard as it seemed to glide rather than walk through the halls. Soon they arrived at the door of one of the interior chambers, the Deathguard gesturing to the door before departing in silence...

...the aquilonian woman warrior pushed the door open with trepidation, not knowing exactly what awaited her. Soft and warm light spilled into the dark hall followed by the sweet scent of flowers and incense, Meryn stepping into the room meeting Nephthi-Amun who stood with her hands folded in front of her with a serene and regal bearing about her...

"...welcome child of Merano."

..try as she might to sound strong, her voice felt like little more than a child's to herself...

"You sent for me?"

...Nephthi swept her hand in the direction of drapes that separated this room from another bowing her head ever so slightly...


...Meryn slowly walked to the divider pensive about seeing what lay behind, she turned to see the high-priestess exiting the room and closing the door. Slowly she parted the curtains until finally stepping through completely...


...the woman sat up on the lavish bed that dominated the room, slipping off of it with wide eyes...


...after a moment of disbelief the two women rushed into each others arms kissing; a small tendril of black dust passing between them un-noticed, with long denied and hungry passion. Akhiphira whispered to Meryn in their embrace as tears slid down her cheeks...

"I thought you were"

...Meryn touched her lover's lips with her finger...

"Shhhhhh, not now...just kiss me."

...Nephthi stood in the dark hallway, Adynaph and two more of the Nine approaching in near silence, Nephthi regarding the trio with a bow of her head...

"...send word to our master Akhmenukep, tell him that all goes better than expected and his wisdom still takes me by surprise, I am forever his student."

...the trio of Deathguards departed to carry out their mistress' task as she stopped them for a moment a curt smile teasing at her mouth...

"...make sure they are not disturbed, this is a reunion after all."

(several hours later)

...Nephthi-Amun stepped out of the shadows cast by the flickering lamps in the bed chamber. Parting the light curtains that surrounded the bed, she looked down on the the sleeping and intertwined naked forms of Meryn and Akhiphira her strange eyes appearing to flicker with something almost human in the lamplight as she looked on them...without a sound Nephthi slipped back into the shadows as if she had never been there at all...

(Morning in Shem)

...Merynia woke slowly, the familiar scent of Akhiphira's perfume teasing her senses. Opening her eyes she looked at the form of the sleeping woman next to her, as she gently moved a lock of Akhiphira's dark hair to the side she whispered...

" wasn't a dream..."

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Hеhе i think i know whеrе its going:)

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🌸 Your stories are always so colorful and vivid! 🌸

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#13277368 Flower wrote:

🌸 Your stories are always so colorful and vivid! 🌸

Thanks Belda, I try to make them enjoyable to read.
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I bet the next one's gonna be about the threeway between them all 😇

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#13277470 Bubbles wrote:

I bet the next one's gonna be about the threeway between them all 😇

No...not Neph's style. 😂
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Somеtimеs I wanna bе lеsbian too.....

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-Gods and Monsters-

Part 1

...Nephthi slowly walked toward the pool, flickering braziers filling the chamber with soft orange light which cast strange dancing shadows on walls. Slipping the dress from her shoulders, she let it fall to the floor stepping out of and past it without any change in her slow graceful pace...

...she settled into the warm waters closing her eyes and enjoying this small simple pleasure she had been denied for so long, her mentor Akhmenukep had told her that the pleasures of the flesh and "living" would have an almost irresistible draw to her as an immortal...the ecstasy the simple warmth that the pool gave her testified to and reinforced the lesson...

...there were other pleasures and sensations that pulled at the high-priestess' attention as well, some being those that came with giving herself to the tall and powerful prince offer that he devoured more hungrily each time they were together...

...the chamber doors opened as Setath, who had traveled from Stygia to serve the high-priestess of Nephthys; entered with his gold skinned eunuchs followed close behind by two of The Nine...

...Nephthi opened her eyes as the group approached the pool where she lounged. She slowly stood from the warm water to stand fully nude before Setath and his attendants regarding them...

" may I assist you?"

...Setath handed the black tome to the nearest eunuch, bowing as he crossed his arms across his chest in an "X", signifying his respect to the pantheon Eternal Life, its Hierophant, and Nephthi-Amun the high-priestess of Nephtys...

"'ana khadimuk almutawadie."
<"I am your humble servant.">

...Nephthi approached the bowing man gesturing for him to rise from his prostrations...

"...tell me, what do you see before you?"

...Setath's eyes made their way up Nephthi's body from her feet to her odd double pupiled amber eyes, lingering in all of the places a man's eyes should, if he is truly a man...his honest answer was unexpected...

"A woman that stirs me and terrifies me in ways best left unmentioned high-priestess."

...a bemused smile set on the immortal creatures lips...

"...bold honesty, such an admirable trait."

...Setath fell to one knee crossing his arms in an "X" once again as did his attendants...

"Command me and it will be done."

...Nephthi lightly placed her clawed nails under Setath's chin, he rose once again to see her smiling at him. He was an older, but still handsome and fit man...

"...send your eunuchs away and we will discuss your private."

...with a gesture Setath sent the golden skinned attendants away, closing the door as they left. Nephthi turned her back to him spreading her arms, in an instant he had retrieved her robe slipping it over her arms and shoulders...

"...what manner of service calls to you?"

...backing away a few steps he spoke...

"I bring the to you, and would attend to you as its keeper if it would please you."

...Nephthi turned her attention to the "would-be" priest...

" me."

...Setath lifted the book the script كتاب القادمة إلى اليوم inlaid in silver on its spine. Placing the "key" into its face to release the locks holding it securely shut and opened the tome to its very first of the glyphed pages...

...the words flowing from Setath intoxicated the immortal Nephthi, her thoughts drifting into a place of mist without a horizon...and a voice, hauntingly like her own...

"Look upon me."

...Nephthi-Amun; the immortal creature beyond the reach of life and death, looked into the face that she wore nearly eight-hundred years before...

"I have a task for you my avatar."

...more to come.
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Ass always good Storys and thump ups from me. 😆😆😆

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Hehe somehow I missed this story:)
I'll start posting in Tempting Fate soon, plot is going slow, but it doesnt really matter, you know how it is in rp, sometimes it gets slow;p
Just verry busuy in rl right now, but coming back full time tomorow:) hoprfullyXD
after pvp festival week going into rp full time again;p

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She's so pretty! o///o xD