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The Six Vials. Chapter One-Natohk the Veiled One

Deleted 9 months ago
Date: Jul 20, 2017 - switch instance
Reoccurs: Daily
Posted by: Neverlin
Category: Raids
Neverlin looked to Killaria, a satisfied smile on his lips. "You actually did not disappoint me this time. I'm surprised." The warrior held out her hand. "Just hand over the payment and spare me your opinions." The Prince smirked. "Fair enough, much for you to join me on the expedition to the Scorpions Caves....."

Greetings all! Next Week, House Jade Asp will be exploring the Scorpion Caves in search of the remains of the wizard-prince Natohk the Veiled One. These 6 man dungeon groups will take place through out the week. For background on this expedition you can read the Wet Nurse Saga here:

House Merano is welcome to join as well, if you form a group keep track of the time it takes for you to defeat all the bosses. The House that achieves this goal the fastest will claim the soul of Natohk!

Happy Dungeoning.


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